Natale Institute  

1979 – 1999

We began in 1979 as the Natale Institute For Experiential Education in Houston, Texas. The organization’s president was Frank Natale. Wilbert Alix was the director and the first person trained to teach the various programs. In the beginning we offered a curriculum of approx. 10 experiential courses, workshops and trainings. In 1985 we expanded into Europe and also changed the US headquarters to Austin, Texas. From 1985 – 2000 we established programs in more US cities and in Europe to Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain and France. Frank Natale passed away in 2002.

Trance Dance International  

1999 – present day

Trance Dance International was established in 1999 by Wilbert Alix. In 1985 he began expanding the presence of the Trance Dance technique by touring through the US and abroad, making keynote appearances at Whole Life Expos events, at various science and consciousness conferences as well as international organizational gatherings. Wilbert re-designed the 3-day Trance Dance Seminar into the Ritual Trance Dance Training and expanded the training from a 5 day to a 14 day intensive training program.Wilbert established trainings in Hawaii, Texas, California, Germany, Bali – Indonesia, Mexico, Belgium and Portugal. Currently Ritual Trance Dance has is offered in 44 countries around the world.

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