Very caring and compassionate who loves what he does! Lucky you – thanks!!!
Cheryl Brenman

Sedona, Arizona

I feel really comfortable and moved by him. His approach to this adventure is unique and keeps me interested. I hope to some day work with him again. Thank you for the ride.
Hillary Moore

Temecula, California

Very knowledgeable. Insightful and great command of the group. A true leader.
Jen Valencia

Sedona, Arizona

Awakening, feeling stuck spots, divinity, frustration, wondering about what’s next? Grounded, joyful, connected.
Bonnie Hester

Jerome, Arizona

Quite delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed Wilbert’s intelligent and very genuine sharing – I was surprised at how easily I can relate to his perspective on some aspects of Western “civilization” as we know it (or lack thereof) And I love the fact that this weekend did not end up feeling “too New Age” to me!! Thank you!
Nancy Eller

Frederick, Maryland

Informed, intelligent, confrontative, explains things well and asks for what he wants. I like his story.
Philip Hall

Oakwood, Georgia

Wilbert had me at Hello – very relatable.
Janica Jensen

Henderson, Nevada

Very grounded intelligent man walking his talk!
Tim Gross

Sedona, Arizona

Amazing! Kept my attention and found him so insightful.
Jody Ganier

Henderson, Nevada

You are very relaxed and natural at this. All your wisdom comes pouring out easily. Thanks!
Marie Fritz

Pine, Arizona

Wilbert combined humor, wisdom and his wonderful energy which certainly makes the experience so powerful.
Julia Ponce

Omaha, Nebraska

Many wonderful things! But why do you sit in a chair when all the other brothers and sisters sit on the floor? Head above heart – teacher above students? No separation.

I wish you had taken – for at least part of the time – your chronological place in the circle. And thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and in/out – inspiration.


Sedona, Arizona

Wilbert – you are open, generous with such sweet and beautiful energy. I’m grateful.
Shari Ross

Prescott, Arizona

Hard to hear and understand what he is saying at times. Very knowledgeable.
Amy Bidwell

Rimrock, Arizona

Wilbert has perfect blend of the teacher, mentor, comedian, guide, scientist, and shaman. His soft spoken touch emanates his true power. Thanks so much for everything!
David Mills

Sedona, Arizona

Also very positive: I also feel supportive of the mission of the event and personal goals of the teacher.
John Graham

Sedona, Arizona

Great energy! Calming, comfortable.
Joanna Bartoli

Henderson, Nevada

I love him. Very real. I felt I can relate to him. Funny. Supportive!
Camille Finazzo

Las Vegas, Nevada