“Soul Hunting is a guided journey into ‘non-ordinary reality’… the place where all ‘wounded souls’ retreat for solace and repentance.”


Soul Hunting is a contemporary healing shamanic ritual that rejuvenates the energy of life and restores the integrity of the soul. Soul Hunting energizes life by healing deep traumas of childhood and current life. People who have participated, say that the journey of Soul Hunting was one of the most profound experiences of his life. The Soul Hunting Experience involves a five stage transformational journey:

Preparation • Initiation • Desolation • Shamanic Healing Journey • Integration

“Shamanic cultures experience the entire body as a thinking organism rather than limiting intelligence to the physical brain. By stimulating the body and mind simultaneously, shamans journey to parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems come clear. These dynamic vision journeys are legendary, providing the foundation for both individual and cultural wisdom.”Wilbert Alix

Soul Hunting is a contemporary shamanic integration ritual. It is a journey into the deepest aspects of your spiritual world (psyche)… a place where the parts of the soul retreat to when overwhelmed by power. The purpose of Soul Hunting is to release our resistance to feeling our full life force, and then to retrieve the damaged pieces of our life that reside beneath these overwhelming events.

The Soul Hunting Ritual is rooted within one of the oldest forms of shamanic transformation known to humans. The literal translation of the term shamanic means ‘the ability to see through the dark’, to find perspective again. Soul or shadow journeys are legendary. Participants are transported on a journey into an alternate reality or a ‘shamanic trance’ where ii becomes possible to reunite with these damaged pieces of the soul. The Soul Hunting Ritual energizes the spirit because it resuscitates the deepest parts of our psyche and renews aspects of our personality that manifest wisdom, strength and spiritual well-being.

Soul Hunting Ritual participants report that they are able to reconcile previously irresolvable difficulties and illnesses and achieve a state of integrity, wholeness and well-being. Participants frequently report that their Soul Hunting journeys are among the most rewarding events in their lives.