“Similar to the transformational stories written in mythology, perhaps our soul evolves following a similar mythological journey… an exploratory  evolution where we rediscover power and purpose in life. The rediscovery of your life source, at a cellular level, is what the Dynamic Mythology Experience is all about.” 

It’s all about PERSPECTIVE

Imagine embarking on an inner journey similar in principle to the demonstration in this video above. The Ritual Trance Dance journey is rooted in this large scale macro example of the near universe… but the Dynamic Mythology process instead focuses us inward towards the MICRO world. Seems incomprehensible? YES! And still (I believe) acessible all the same. On these journeys the key is to NOT seek answers to questions but rather to ask bigger and bigger questions. Its not about asking “what or how” but rather WHY. “WHY AM I HERE”? WHY DO I EXIST IN THIS WORLD”?

We are born into a body made up of 50 trillion cells. Every cell represents an pattern of individual expression reflected in our particular DNA. Recent scientific research suggests that DNA does not ultimately determine our biological future. Instead humans seem to possess a broader capacity for influencing both self-healing and spiritual evolution… to the degree that we grow new genetic signatures, not simply live by what has already been imprinted. Similar to the transformational stories in mythology perhaps our soul too follows a similar mythological process… an exploritory mythological journey where we rediscover power and purpose in life. The rediscovery of your power source… at a cellular level, is what the Dynamic Mythology Experience is all about.

Shamanic cultures do not limit intelligence to the physical brain… but rather experience their entire body as a thinking organism. By stimulating the body and mind simultaneously shamans journey to parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems become possible. These dynamic vision journeys are legendary and became the basis for acquiring both individual and cultural wisdom. An individuals capacity to see their future allows for the responsible selection of any number of choices. Personal ethics were based on experiences derived from these journeys. Therefore, wisdom is acquired less from ‘thinking about’ and more from experiencing our own future. All of this points towards the impotance of energizing our creative capacity as humans. We ‘imagine’ things into existance. Creativity to humans is the same as flying is to birds.

 “All myths are about the  transformation of consciousness.  Myths and dreams come from the same place.”
Joseph Campbell

The Dynamic Mythology Experience® employs five (5) contemporary shamanic transformational techniques as methods for accessing levels of shamanic trance… thereby making it possible to duplicate these visionary journeys. All Dynamic Mythology Experience® Workshop participants will explore the science, psychology & mysticism of various body-centered altered-state experiences… and then explore these realities first hand. The result is the embodiment of wisdom and the acquisition of alternative solutions to what was previously a seemingly impossible situation. The answers received from these visionary journeys are frequently among the most powerful experiences in a person’s lifetime.

The 5 Experiential Ritual Modalities of Dynamic Mythology:

1. Ritual Trance Dance ®
Entering Your Body/Mind Consciousness

2. Ritual Soul Hunting ®
Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self

3. The Ancestors Journey ®
Pathways To Forgiveness

4. Rites of Passage
The 12 Mystical Stages Of Our Spiritual & Physical Evolution

5. The Spirit Animal Trance Dance
Journeying For Power


Entering Your Body/Mind Consciousness

TRANCE DANCE is a unique blend of healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of sensory deprivation – all together stimulating an ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and

emotional well-being. Driven by unique musical soundtracks recorded specifically for this method of healing, Trance Dance takes participants on an ‘inner journey’ not limited to our normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and eastern dance cultures for thousands of years. Our contemporary approach to TranceDance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with some startlingly effective modern techniques. The end result is access into the deeper realms of ourself and the universe… a glimpse into the mystical world that lies beneath our normal perception of reality.

Trance Dance’s primary focus is on healing and our relationship with spirit. By dancing within the seclusion of darkness we discover parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems are possible. Through Trance Dance we ‘disappear’, become more like our spirit, and simultaneously less attached to our difficulties, making it possible at these moments to let these problems go.


Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self

THE SOUL HUNTING EXPERIENCE® is a contemporary shamanic integration ritual. It is a journey into the deepest aspects of your spiritual world (psyche)… a place where the parts of the soul retreat to when overwhelmed by power. The purpose of Soul Hunting is to release our resistance to feeling our full life force, and then to retrieve the damaged pieces of our life that reside beneath these overwhelming events.

The Soul Hunting Ritual is rooted within one of the oldest forms of shamanic transformation known to humans. The literal translation of the term shamanic means ‘the ability to see through the dark’… to find perspective again. Soul or shadow journeys are legendary. Participants are transported on a journey into an alternate reality or a ‘shamanic trance’ where ii becomes possible to reunite with these damaged pieces of the soul. The Soul Hunting Ritual energizes the spirit because it resuscitates the deepest parts of our psyche… and renews aspects of our personality that manifest wisdom, strength and spiritual well-being. Soul Hunting Ritual participants report that they are able to reconcile previously irresolvable difficulties and illnesses and achieve a state of integrity, wholeness and well-being. Participants frequently report that their Soul Hunting journeys are among the most rewarding events in their lives.


Pathways To Forgiveness

Shamanism is rooted in the belief that the soul is eternal and never dies. Therefore, ancestors are the historical manifestations of our eternally evolving soul. Ancestors make up the very fibers that constitute what we call wisdom.

Shamanism’s view is that spirit and ancestors are synonymous… one and the same, our organic connection bound together by a timeless line of reincarnations that govern all aspects of nature. Somewhere within the evolution of western culture we lost appreciation from the importance of these genetic, organic connections. We walked away from our relationship to ancestral wisdom.

Instead we embraced various forms of religion… and what religion promises life beyond death. Meanwhile, in this lifetime we frequently feel spiritually fragmented and incomplete. Believing in a future concept of spirit has slowly eroded our capacity to detect wisdom… and reestablishing our capacity to cultivate deep wisdom seems to be directly linked to personally re-experiencing our ancestral evolution. Perhaps the ‘self’ we seek is not one self but rather a deeper, collective ‘evolutionary self’… an organic wisdom which appears when we embody the spiritual lives and guidance of our ancestors. DNA research continues to validate these physical connections we have to each other. It suggests a relatedness between all human beings, a common genetic code alive within everyone.

THE ANCESTORS WALK® is a contemporary trance ritual that facilitates the reestablishment of these genetic and ancestral links. By utilizing a innovative technique titled Whole-Track Evolutionary Recall participants can ‘walk’ their particular genetic path… encountering buried aspects of their ancestral story and revealing a deeper understanding of how evolution can answer important life questions. The result is an enhanced capacity to channel ancestral wisdom into our everyday life.


The 12 Mystical Stages Of Our Spiritual & Physical Evolution

RITES OF PASSAGE is a study of evolutionary wisdom. Rites Of Passage is based on the dynamic principles of the circle, spiral (spiritual) or sphere. Rites Of Passage is a holistic spiritual model that describes the inevitable journey that we must all go through in our lifetime. 12 Rites of Passage explores the spirituals peaks and valleys in life… the 12 points of transformation that guide us towards wisdom and tranquility.

Rites Of Passage clarifies when and why we experience life crisis, and more importantly offers alternative approaches to transforming these dilemmas. It makes no difference who you are or where you are; these passages are experienced by everyone. Through Soul Hunting, Trance Dance and other ritual techniques we can intentionally journey through these ‘passages’ to discover the deeper purpose and meanings within life. As each stage is experienced and understood, we develop a growing wisdom and intelligence that serves as the foundation for living an enriched life and creating a balanced society.


Journeying For Power

SPIRIT ANIMALS are elements of the natural world which guide us through complicated growth experiences… revealing insights into how to best manage matter with energy. What this means is that Spirit Animals illuminate the spiritual side of our life, guiding us through complicated life circumstances that our linear, logical mind could never resolve.

The Spirit Animal Dance is an experience of being possessed by power. In order to achieve the authentic revelation of a spirit guide we must first surrender our ego-self to the flame of trance. Then like the Phoenix that rises from the flames our spirit guide can appear. Shamanic cultures worldwide acknowledge the relevance of surrendering our body/mind to the guidance of nature… animal spirits that show us the way towards wisdom and truth.

Spiritual transformations are based on experiences that first overwhelm, with understanding coming later. This is particularly true of shamanism and the Spirit Animal Dance. This ritualjourney is a doorway through the shadow side of life… a journey that ultimately illuminates a pathway to a unified soul. Through the Spirit Animal Dance each participant’s unique relationship with a spirit guide will be revealed, thereby creating the foundation necessary to achieve authentic spiritual transformations.